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Let the machine check it, I get bored easily

In the spirit of my new blog I thought I would start with a trick I learn't the other day. I really don't like repetitive testing and I think its our duty (strong words I know) to find interesting ways to get over these challenges.

So I was charged with a piece of API testing. It was a simple sign up process, which set the user into a particular status. The status wasn't returned by the API response  (just a success or failure) however so I needed to go off to the front end to check it.

I had been toying with using SoapUI and Selenium together for some time so I thought what the hell and attempted to hack the two together in a relatively graceful fashion (as we do as testers sometimes). I came up with this approach:
Download the latest Selenium Standalone server.Put it in here - SoapUIRoot\Bin\ExtFire up Soap UI, add a Suite>Test>Groovy StepLearn Selenium Webdriver (you'll need to one day, may as well get on with it)In terms of Webdriver I kept it really simple: