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The prickly parts of project inception in an agile world....

One of the key themes at many organisations on their agile journey is how to start a project. One of the questions I often hear is how much information is enough to get started? What is required is a flexible method of defining enough information to start your project journey and at times redefine what is required.

I came across a technique in the interestingly titled The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmussen (a man who takes his craft very seriously). The Inception Deck is a toolbox of exercises, designed to tease out information of the project stakeholders and the development team. I've used these in a multitude of different ways, the whole deck to kick off a project in its entirety and selected exercises to tease out information for individuals features. This has proved extremely affective for the latter, where consensus regarding individual features/epics has been harder to build.

So, my first experience was using it for a high level project kick off. I wanted to achieve a real …