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Your tests tell the real story.......

Projects and products are increasing in complexity. That’s life at the moment, ask our many financial institutions. Change embracing methodologies, legacy systems interfacing with new development mean that most systems of documentation struggle to keep up, coupled with the belief that being ‘agile’ means that even basic documentation is frowned on.

We, as testing focussed individuals are perfectly placed to bridge that gap. An organic set of acceptance, exploratory and automated tests which flex with changing business needs and technical design modifications, document the flow of the project and patterns emerge for key decision points. Coverage areas, non-coverage areas, tests which prove legacy behaviour, new tests added, and old tests retired as functionality has changed all add context to the project or product story.

This is also a slight riposte to the ‘automate everything’ theory, clicking ‘go’ is not a facilitator for analysis or learning. Learning is gained from a stepped approa…