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Tester in Development

After I shared this on Twitter a little while ago:
Having 'Developers in Test' is often an anti-pattern for not hiring 'Developers WHO VALUE #testing', great read.— Ash Winter (@northern_tester) 18 April 2016
I got to thinking about the 'Developer in Test' pattern which has gained in popularity over the last 15 years of my testing career (but probably existed way before that), so here is my expansion on the point. 

Who in their organisation has one (or many) of these?
Technical TesterDeveloper in TestSoftware Engineers in TestSoftware Development Engineers in TestSoftware Engineers in Test Levels One, Two and Three
* Note 1 - As a sub pattern, it seems that the job title for this pattern has got longer over time, although I am being a little naughty with data. However, a would it be the first time a (sometimes) badly defined job got a lengthy title to give it some credence?
** Note 2 - I have never heard of a Programmer in Test. Let me know if…