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Test Approach Mnemonic: MICROBE

With TestBash 2017 on the way, I've been reflecting on my journey as a public speaker, since being inspired by the speaker and overall experience of TestBash Brighton 2013. Looking through some older material I discovered 'Testing is Exploratory', delivered at Leeds Testers Gathering, back in 2014. Extolling the virtue of a lightweight and transparent test approach, inspired by my attendance on Rapid Software Testing the previous year...

Here's what I said then:
What is a 'Test Approach'? "It is the act of THINKING about the BUSINESS PROBLEM and how TESTING will contribute VALUE using your own BRAIN and that of OTHERS with the outcome of DELIVERY in mind." Test Approach Mnemonic:
Mission - the primary concern of the testing, your mum should understand.Involving – involve stakeholders, discover their biases, not your own. Challenges - what questions are we seeking to explore? Risk - we are in the risk business, so what are the business risks?Observable - …