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Inadvertent Local Optimisation

I saw this tweet the other day: If you are a consultant, it's important to know the difference between a doctor and a drug dealer. Please be more like a doctor.
— James Marcus Bach (@jamesmarcusbach) January 8, 2015Followed swiftly by:
Wanting to please the customer is not enough. Drug dealers very much want to please their customers.
— James Marcus Bach (@jamesmarcusbach) January 8, 2015This got me thinking about a process I am often involved in. 

Reviews of 'testing capability and maturity' are a common product offered by many lone consultants & consultancies. I myself have done them on a regular basis, creating a number of (I believe) thoughtful strategies and recommendations that a client can implement themselves and/or in conjunction with a partner.

I like to think, I've probably done some good too. Looking for root causes over the dreaded 'low hanging fruit' that so many consultants recommend (see drug dealer).

When I really reflect though, I'm prett…